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-====== ​NEUROLOG: 2007 2009====== +====== ​NeuroLOG project (ANR-06-TLOG-024) ​====== 
-Software technologies for integration of process, data and knowledge in medical imaging+ 
 +**Software technologies for integration of process, data and knowledge in medical imaging.**  
 +{{:​financeparanr.gif}}Neurolog was a 4 years scientific project (2007-2010) funded by the french [[http://​​|ANR]] (National Agency for Research) under contract number ANR-06-TLOG-024. 
 +The NeuroLOG project developed a distributed platform to support multi-centric studies in neurosciences. The platform is deployed over 5 neuroscience centers spread all over France (Grenoble, Nice, Paris, Rennes). It enables neurodata stores federation, neurodata analysis pipelines description and delivers grid computing capability to support data-intensive experiments in a secured environment. The NeuroLOG middleware is non-intrusive:​ it interfaces to the legacy neurodatabases available at each center participating in the federation. It includes a rich domain ontology and mediation layer to align the data representation of federated neurodatabases in a comprehensive,​ common view.
-  * Neurolog is a scientific project granted by the french [[http://​​|ANR]] (Agence Nationale de la Recherche). 
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