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 **From the [[http://​www.laria.u-picardie.fr/​IC/​site/?​lang=en|LARIA LAB]]** **From the [[http://​www.laria.u-picardie.fr/​IC/​site/?​lang=en|LARIA LAB]]**
-{{onto:coreontologies_ontospec.zip|Core Ontologies in OntoSpec}}+{{ontoversion2:v2core-ontologies.zip|Ontology Version 2.0: Core Ontologies in OntoSpec}}
 +{{ontoversion2:​v2cops-ontologies.zip|Ontology Version 2.0: COPS Ontologies in OntoSpec}}
 **From the NeuroLOG project ** **From the NeuroLOG project **
- +{{ontoversion2:v2domain-ontologies.zip|Ontology Version 2.0: Domain Ontologies ​in OntoSpec}}
-{{onto:ontoneurrolog_ontospec.zip|Subject, Examination,​ Study & DataSet ​in OntoSpec}}+
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