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NeuroLOG middleware prototype

This page describes the current status of the NeuroLOG middleware prototype. It gives installation and configuration instructions.

Distribution and execution

The software is distributed in the following archive:

This version was tested under linux only.

The archive unpacks in two sub directories:

  • bin contains services startup scripts
  • dist contains the program jar archive and its dependencies

The archive is meant to be unpacked in the HOME directory of a regular user under whom ID the NeuroLOG services will execute. It is recommended, although not mandatory, to create a specific user account. On installation the software will create extra directories, in particular ~/.neurolog for writing configuration files and ~/log for writing services logs.

The software is currently composed of 3 main services:

  • The NeuroLOG Registry service is meant to be deployed on a single site (root site). It ensures coordination between participating sites.
  • The NeuroLOG Site Server is meant to be deployed on each participating site.
  • The NeuroLOG Client is meant to be deployed on each user client machine.

The bin directory contains 3 facility scripts to start each of these services:

  • bin/nlog_registry for the NeuroLOG Registry service;
  • bin/nlog_server for the NeuroLOG Site Server; and
  • bin/nlog_client for the NeuroLOG client.

Note that if the dist directory is not deployed in the HOME directory of the user, the nlog_* scripts need to be edited to change the second line (JAR variable containing the path to the main NeuroLOG jar file inside the dist directory). The first line (Java VM location may also need to be updated depending on your installation.





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