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 +====== NeuroLOG Middleware v0.5.3 deployment ======
 +Release 0.5.3 of the NeuroLOG middleware has been deployed on the current partner sites: I3S, IRISA, GIN, IFR49, ASCLEPIOS. It focuses on GRID issues and workflow management. For now, GIN has not been included back into the data federation, therefore it is accessible __only__ for GIN users.
 +This release introduces web services interface breaks, therefore __it is not compatible with the previous release 0.5.2__. Any existing client installation __must be upgraded__. ​
 +This release corresponds to the revision r2174 of the trunk branch, and is tagged [[https://​nyx.unice.fr/​svn/​neurolog/​tags/​0.5.3|0.5.3]]. ​
 +===== What's in this version =====
 +==== Features and bug fixes ====
 +Release 0.5.3 comes with the following changes:
 +==== Restrictions and known issues ====
 +   * Only single-file datasets can be used as input of a processing tool: multi-files datasets need NeuroLOG Client evolution
 +   * The Visioscopie viewer does not works on all MacOS platforms. Not available on Linuix 64.
 +   * On the user cart, the save-as function fails to save downloaded files to "My Documents"​ on a Windows platform. Instead, save files to a subdirectory of "My Documents"​.
 ===== NeuroLOG client installation ===== ===== NeuroLOG client installation =====
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   * Download the client java archive : [[http://​neurolog.unice.fr:​64000/​~neurolog-test/​delivery/​v0.5.3/​NeuroLOG_Client-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar|http://​neurolog.unice.fr:​64000/​~neurolog-test/​delivery/​v0.5.3/​NeuroLOG_Client-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar]].   * Download the client java archive : [[http://​neurolog.unice.fr:​64000/​~neurolog-test/​delivery/​v0.5.3/​NeuroLOG_Client-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar|http://​neurolog.unice.fr:​64000/​~neurolog-test/​delivery/​v0.5.3/​NeuroLOG_Client-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar]].
   * Place the client java archive into your //​$HOME/​.neurolog/​lib//​ directory.   * Place the client java archive into your //​$HOME/​.neurolog/​lib//​ directory.
 +==== How to install the NeuroLOG client from scratch ====
 +Refer to the [[prototype_v0.5.0#​how_to_install_the_neurolog_client|first installation procedure of version 0.5.0]]. Then proceed with the client upgrade section above.
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