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NeuroLOG prototype

This java-based prototype aims at demonstrating the NeuroLOG functionalities. It is by no mean a finalized software yet.



The software is packaged in a single JAR archive. It is simply executed as:
java -jar neurolog.jar

For convinience, the MySQL JDBC driver and the ImageJ visualization package it depends on are embedded in the jar file.


The software connects to the MySQL server on the default port (3306) of the localhost to store and retrieve metadata associated to images. It therefore expect that a mysql server is up and running on the local host.

On first execution, the software will create a neurolog database on the local mysql server and it will read the default SQL schema from the neurolog.schema file that can be found in the JAR archive. The root SQL password will be required to do that. A user account will be created to access this database later. A sample patient and sample image record will be created in the database.

On subsequent executions, the software fill first ask the SQL user identification to connect to the database before execution.


The prototype illustrate the core functionalities of NeuroLOG: it can populate and query an image database. Images can be stored on and retrieved from local disk or remote HTTP server. Both 3D Inrimages and 2D DICOM slices can be visualized (through a minimal Rainbow viewer or the ImageJ viewer respectively). A minimal image processing functionality (intensity inversion) is demonstrated.

The prototype is not connected to Data Federator, CORESE nor the grid interface so far.

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