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NeuroLOG Middleware v0.4.1 deployment

Please read the user guide before first running the client application.

This release corresponds to the revision r1936 of the development branch 0.4.1. It fixes a major bug in the metadata browsing.

How to update your existing NeuroLOG client

If you already an up and running client, then simply replace the client file jar, as follows:

  1. Place the client java archive in the $HOME/.neurolog/lib directory.

How to install the NeuroLOG client

4 distributions of the client are downloadable from the following links, depending on your operating system:

To install the software, unpack the archive into your home directory. A hidden directory .neurolog will be created, it contains:

  • a launcher script nlog_client or nlog_client.bat on Windows
  • a lib directory containing the jar archive of the software
  • a 3rd_party directory containing required dependencies for each spécific platform
  • a viewer directory containing compiled libraries for the Visioscopie viewer

The user guide will guide you through the first run installation procedure. DO NOT START BEFORE READING IT.

How to deploy a new site

For site administrators only: the Installation and administration guide provides the procedures for a new site deployement, or any installation and configuration issue.

Maintenance revision, Dec. 18th 2009

A new minor release is available, it corresponds to the revision r2005 of the development branch 0.4.1.

Changes description

This release fixes several minor issues about the integration of jGASW in the NeuroLOG middleware and client. In particular:

  • When invoking a tool on a dataset that user is not allowed to read, a proper error message is displayed.
  • Deploying a tool that already exists on the server will replace the existing one.
  • Filter out middleware web services from the list of tools that may be invoked using jGASW, so that only propper processing tools be listed.

How to update your NeuroLOG client

  1. Place the client java archive in the .neurolog/lib directory.
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