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NeuroLOG Middleware v0.6.1 deployment

Release 0.6.1 of the NeuroLOG middleware has been deployed on the current partner sites: I3S, IRISA, GIN, IFR49, ASCLEPIOS. It focuses on workflow and service invocations, and semantics integration.

This release introduces web services interface breaks, therefore it is not compatible with the previous release 0.5.4. Any existing client installation must be upgraded. This release corresponds to the revision r2810 of the trunk branch, and is tagged 0.6.1.

What's in this version

  • Workflow edition and enactment
  • Semantic annotation of tools
  • Production of semantic annotations at workflow/service runtime
  • Reinsertion of produced datasets in the NeuroLOG databases, based on semantic annotations
  • Lexicographic sort of tools in the client GUI
  • Migration to the OntoNeuroLOG ontology v2.1

Features and bug fixes

  • General performance improvements
  • Several bug fixes regarding the MacOS version of the viewer and the middleware and client applications

Restrictions and known issues

Note on grid credentials


Because grid gateway features are not fully integrated into the NeuroLOG Middleware, we still need to have a gLite user interface (UI) to perform some grid operations on EGEE. Only one gLite UI is deployed for the whole federation. Each site administrator must upload SSH credentials to connect to the gLite (UI) (menu “Administration→Grid UI credential management”). Those credentials are then used when a user generates a grid proxy in order to publish it into the gLite UI.


To perform a grid operation on EGEE, users must initialize a grid proxy :

  1. menu “User→Grid proxy management”
  2. upload (the first time only) the grid certificates (generally named usercert.pem and userkey.pem)
  3. click on “Grid proxy init” button (the proxy is generated in the NeuroLOG server and the transfered to the gLite UI)

NeuroLOG client installation

How to upgrade your existing NeuroLOG client

If you already have an up and running client, please follow the steps below:

  1. Place the client java archive into your $HOME/.neurolog/lib directory.
  2. Add to your $HOME/.neurolog/client.config file the following line: =

And update the following lines:

fr.anr.techlog.neurolog.client.version.major = 0
fr.anr.techlog.neurolog.client.version.minor = 6
fr.anr.techlog.neurolog.client.version.revision = 1

How to install the NeuroLOG client from scratch

Refer to the first installation procedure of version 0.5.0. Then proceed with the client upgrade section above.

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