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NeuroLOG Middleware v0.5.2 deployment

Release 0.5.2 of the NeuroLOG middleware has been deployed on the current partner sites: I3S, IRISA, IFR49, ASCLEPIOS. It comes with several improvments and bug fixes.

This release introduces web services interface breaks, therefore it is not compatible with the previous release. Any existing client installation must be updated. This release corresponds to the revision r2139 of the trunk branch, and is tagged 0.5.2.

What's in this version

Features and bug fixes

Release 0.5.2 comes with the following changes:

  • Changes following meeting in Paris Mar. 5th 2010 and additional off-meeting feed-back:
    • improve/simplify display of entity identifiers in client (common ids or names rather than NeuroLOG UIDs)
    • change study criteria: remove with examination, change clinical to check box
    • cart: enable download of several datasets in one click without selecting them one after the other. Simplify ids of downloads.
  • Improve retrieve metadata performances by configuration of an Hibernate second level cache
  • Directory of deployed processing tools in federated view: for now the directory is simply displayed, it can't be used for tools invocation yet
  • Improve the naming of roles used in distributed access control policies.

JGASW grid invocation: TBD

  • Bug fixes:
    • Cart: no scroll bar when several datasets are downloaded
    • Visioscopie viewer: several display bugs fixes
    • Processing tools packaged on a MacOS client will now succeed to deploy on a NeuroLOG server
    • Processing tools name validation (dash '-' issue). JGASW gui now constrain the name of a tool.

Restrictions and known issues

  • Only single-file datasets can be used as input of a processing tool: multi-files datasets need NeuroLOG Client evolution
  • The Visioscopie viewer does not works on all MacOS platforms. Not available on Linuix 64.
  • On the user cart, the save-as function fails to save downloaded files to “My Documents” on a Windows platform. Instead, save files to a subdirectory of “My Documents”.

JGasw tool descriptors update

  • TBD

NeuroLOG client installation

How to upgrade your existing NeuroLOG client

If you already have an up and running client, please follow the steps below:

How to install the NeuroLOG client from scratch

Refer to the first installation procedure of version 0.5.0. Then proceed with the client upgrade section above.

How to upgrade the Visioscopie viewer

A new release of the viewer was delivered on Mar. 17th 2010, if you did not update it, please upgrade the viewer: download the archive below corresponding to your platform, upnzip it and replace your $HOME/.neurolog/viewer directory with the one provided in the archive:

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